Modern Mughal: Indian brands re-inventing Uncut | Polki Jewellery for Everyday Use

Polki or uncut jewellery is no longer the prerogative of the bridal party. Established jewellery brands and upcoming designers are now using polki and uncut diamonds to create modern, minimalistic pieces that are traditional with a twist.

Founded by jewellery designer Aditi Amin, Uncut is one of the forerunners in the space. A former investment banker, Amin started the label to create something new yet rooted in Indian tradition. With actor Soha Ali Khan playing muse, Amin’s jewellery breaks away from conventional jewellery styles to create pieces of hook earrings, open-ended bracelets, cocktail rings and dangler necklaces. Even the more ostentatious design imbibe this minimalistic ideology by combining smaller uncut pieces.

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