To me Uncut represents underststated elegance and contemporary vibe. It's modern yet rooted in traditional techniques of jewelery making. The best thing is - it's 'anyday, anytime and anywhere' use. You don't need special occasions to wear it. They are truely one of a kind pieces. Thanks Aditi for creating such small wonders........ team uncut you're the best.

The team provides prompt and valuable response to all the customer needs. Hassle free online jewellery shopping. The designs are love at first sight and the jewellery finishing is impeccable. I would definitely recommend - happy with the design and service 🙂

My custom made Initial bracelet totally exceeded my expectations. The style is a darling classic! I loved it so much that I gifted my sisters with their initials. We all live in separate corners of the world with miles in between us but this exquisite piece is a brilliant reminder of our eternal bond. Thank you!

“MAGIC” is The first word that comes to my mind everytime I wear jewelery from UNCUT. I own multiple pieces from UNCUT and they never cease to amaze. The pieces are modern, fresh and yet timeless. Their quality is amazing and their designing is very unique. Aditi always takes time to listen to what I have want and delivers. I am blown away everytime I receive my jewelery. Thank you UNCUT!!

I love pieces from UNCUT! They are trendy, edgy and classy. Always a great conversation starter because it has never happened with me that you wear any of UNCUT’s pieces and someone has not asked about it or tried it right there! The finishing and craftsmanship are top notch plus they are well priced. For collectors, I would say that UNCUT jewellary is the perfect addition to your heirloom pieces, as well.

Absolutely Love my pieces of jewelry from UNCUT. What a gorgeous collection. All the pieces plays up the timeless and confident traits. It's all about celebrating women-hood.

UNCUT has Unique designs ! Love the two layered moon and star neck piece which I own! Must buy if you are looking for jewellery that matches everyday outfit (western or Indian ) ❤️

UNCUT by Aditi Amin is a jewelry line that strikes the perfect balance to bring a new age freshness to traditional forms of jewellery.
The fusion of silver & gold is what caught my eye and the fact that you can use your jewelery everyday & for occasions too, by dressing it up or down makes each piece so versatile and usable.
I just love the entire collection. It’s unique, contemporary yet modern, edgy and eye catching.
Thank you team UNCUT for the amazing pieces which I have added to my collection and your awesome customer service & experience. I am floored😊❤️

UNCUT’s products & service is the best in its class.

The level of detailing, finishing, quality ,clarity and requisite certifications makes UNCUT unique in this industry.

I could not be more happier with my purchase and I am looking forward to my next buy soon. Thank you!!

I was in general rummaging through insta looking for some rings and I stumbled upon their page. Now believe you me when I say that there's zero variety when it comes to mens jewelry in this country. Period. I know that their designs aren't meant for us men but I absolutely adore their chunky polki triangolo ring. You wear what you love, right? Anyone and everyone who has seen it, is amazed just like I was when I first saw it. A not-at-all regular ring for your regular wear. Such an amazing jewellery place! Thank God for you!

I’m a self-confessed shopaholic but wasn’t into jewellery. Mercifully my shopping expertise didn’t include online shopping so I surprised myself and my family when I bought a gold choker from a new brand through Instagram. But when I saw the Naaz choker, it was love at first sight. It was so unique and was contemporary, unlike anything I’d laid my eyes on. The team at UNCUT are so responsive and prompt, it was very assuring. I wore it for Diwali and unsurprisingly the choker was the cynosure of everyone’s eyes. What a statement piece. Since then, I’ve also bought the polki cocktail ring. The team have helped me resize it without any fuss. I have shortlisted a few pieces for my next indulgence. Thank you, Aditi & Team UNCUT

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