Aditi Amin is rooted strongly in here Indian traditions & customs ~ MEET OUR FOUNDER Series

About Aditi Amin, Founder & Creative head of UNCUT, by Aditi Amin
Aditi Amin is a person of depth and complexity, embodying a fusion of modernity and a strong connection to her Indian heritage. Her personality is a reflection of a fine balance between contemporary values and a deep-rooted commitment to her cultural and familial traditions, particularly in the realms of family, rituals, and overall lifestyle.

My childhood memories are full of episodes with my grand-parents telling us tales of the Ramayana & Mahabharta. Family puja's and simple Hindu rituals were an integral part of our lives, these are memories I am very fond of and hold close to my heart, says Aditi Amin

Family traditions are of great importance to me, viewing them as a source of identity, continuity, and shared values. As seen here Aditi enjoys participating in family rituals, celebrations, and customs that have been passed down through generations.

Aditi sees her family as a source of strength and support, and she works to uphold and pass on these traditions to her children, fostering a sense of unity and continuity.
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