UNCUT's BESPOKE POLKI JEWELRY Collection, all you wanted to know



Bespoke Polki Jewelry by UNCUT is our answer to ‘Modern Polki jewelry’ it is our contemporary take on traditional Polki jewelry. Infusing innovative designs, materials, and styles with traditional & modern techniques.

 Polki jewelry is a traditional form of Indian jewelry that features uncut diamonds, typically set in gold and often combined with other gemstones.

The UNCUT’s Bespoke Polki Jewelry has

 Contemporary Designs:  Our Jewelry features contemporary and fashionable designs. We experiment with geometric shapes, asymmetry, and unique patterns to create pieces that appeal to a modern and global audience.

 Incorporation of Other Materials: While traditional Polki jewelry is primarily made with gold and diamonds, we have made variations using Silver as an additional Metal to enhance the look and the feel of the jewelry.

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 Mixing Traditional and Western Styles: Bespoke Polki Jewelry Collection incorporates traditional Indian designs with Western aesthetics, resulting in pieces that can be versatile and suitable for various occasions. This fusion allows our jewelry to be adaptable to different fashion sensibilities.

 Layering and Stacking: UNCUT Jewelry can be layered and stacked. Layering and Stacking jewelry pieces have become popular trends in modern fashion. Bespoke Polki Jewelry Collection includes layered necklaces, stacked rings and bracelets, providing a contemporary and dynamic look.

 Lightweight and Comfortable: Traditional Polki jewelry can be heavy and elaborate. In response to changing preferences, UNCUT’s Bespoke Polki Jewelry Line creates lightweight and comfortable pieces that can be worn daily or for casual occasions.

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 UNCUT’s Bespoke Polki Jewelry incorporates innovative settings and mountings, showcasing the diamonds in unique and artistic ways. We experiment with different techniques to highlight the beauty of the uncut diamonds, enhancing their sparkle and brilliance.

Minimalism and Simplicity: UNCUT’s Bespoke Polki Jewelry embraces minimalism and simplicity in design. Clean lines, subtle detailing, and a focus on essential elements to create a contemporary aesthetic that resonates with those who prefer a more understated style.

 Influence of Global Trends UNCUT’s Bespoke Polki Jewelry are influenced by global fashion trends. The use of contemporary motifs and styles ensures that these pieces stay relevant in the ever-evolving world of fashion.

Ethical Considerations: With increased awareness of ethical sourcing and sustainability. We are UNCUT Jewelry can proudly say that,  All our Jewelry comes with an Authenticity Certificate to ensure Gold Purity and Material details. 

UNCUT Jewelry is a brand with Indian Values. Our Jewelry is made entirely in India from thoughts to creation. 

We are an environmentally conscious brand, all our Materials are Ethically and Responsibly Sourced & handled.

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