Uncut by Aditi Amin has originated from the need to create something new and evolved, yet be rooted in our Indian heritage - which is rich in its techniques. We have contemporised Indian Jewelry and made it more versatile. Our designs reflect our ethos and can be styled with western-wear for an evening out as well as with Indian wear. Uncut jewelry also makes for a great destination accessory.


UNCUT JEWELRY, stands for Modern Luxury. Our pieces are beautifully hand crafted in Gold using Polki Diamonds, Precious Stones and Natural Pearls for the Modern Women.


We know how important it is for you to Trust us and thus being Transparent is of utmost importance to us.
All our Jewelry comes with an Authenticity Certificate, stating Material Details as well as Quality.
Our Stylists are always available to address any queries you have about our Jewelry.


UNCUT Jewelry is a brand with strong Indian Values, our Jewelry is made entirely in India from thoughts to creation. Age old traditional jewelry making techniques are employed by experienced Indian Artisans to craft our gorgeous Jewelry pieces.


Traditional Indian Motifs are a big part of our design Ethos.
Dated back to the Mogul Era The Tiger Claw Motif (The Vagh Nakh) has often been seen in Jewelry pieces worm by the Maharajas as a symbol of for Power and Protection.

The Crescent Motifs (The Chand) can we seen in jewelry dated back to the era of the Nizam of Hyderabad.
This motif signifies Peace and Calmness. Traditionally used in Chanbala’s, an oversized beautiful earring style worn by the Royals

The Fish Motif is historically seen in jewelry pieces from South India. (The Matsya), stands for Prosperity. This motif is also a big part of UNCUT’s Jewelry design.

UNCUT Jewelry designs are Modern, Functional and Luxurious. Our jewelry pieces are sure to create an Impact and will make Heads Turn… 

 ~ Aditi Amin, founder and creative head at UNCUT Jewelry