Uncut, by Aditi Amin

was launched in August 2019 with Soha Ali Khan as our Muse

Uncut by Aditi Amin has originated from the need to create something new and evolved, yet be rooted in our Indian heritage - which is rich in its techniques. We have contemporised Indian Jewelry and made it more versatile. Our designs reflect our ethos and can be styled with western-wear for an evening out as well as with Indian wear. Uncut jewelry also makes for a great destination accessory.


About the Designer – Aditi Amin

Aditi Amin began designing jewelry for herself and her close family and friends for fun.
Never did she know that this would realise into the brand of her dreams one day.
Apart from working as an Investment Banker in the USA and an Entrepreneur for several years, she has also been an artist for over 17 years. Her quest to present before the world never before seen jewelry pieces, lead to the creation of her jewelry label – Uncut, by Aditi Amin.
“For me, designing jewelry is an expression of myself. My designs are an amalgamation of every experience and all my learning’s thus far. It is my perspective on how I want the world to view jewelry.”